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Compliance Engineering, Inc

Data Protection

Compliance Engineering can satisfy your data protection needs by providing multiple offerings to include Hawkeye managed services and professional consulting.
  1. Hawkeye PII Finder
  2. IBM InfoSphere Guardium
  3. RSA DLP, BSafe, Certificate Manager
  4. Vormetric
  5. SafeNet
  6. RSA DLP
  7. Protegrity

Consulting Services

Compliance Engineering provides professional expert advice for IT solutions in regards to Information Security.  We help you design, repair, maintain, and supervise your Information Security Solution. A short list of the security technologies and areas we provide expertise in:
  1. SIEM
  2. Application Security
  3. Enterprise Security Architecture Consulting
  4. Compliance Readiness & Remediation
  5. Penetration Testing & Assessments

Hawkeye SCS

Compliance Engineering provides proprietary software and service offering for enterprise security and compliance:
  1. Hawkeye Managed Tools Services
  2. Hawkeye Vision Monitoring
  3. PII Finder Data Discovery
  4. Software Licensing Compliance
  5. Security Assessments

Secure your company's information

Why Compliance Engineering should secure your data

If you are looking for a professional group to secure your data, then Compliance Engineering is the company that can meet your business needs.
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Monitoring with Hawkeye SCS

Proprietary Software and Service

Hawkeye SCS a Security and Compliance SECaaS (Security as a Service) offering from Compliance Engineering is composed of four services: Hawkeye Vision Monitoring, PII Finder Data Discovery, Software Licensing Compliance, Security Assessments
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Get help with your Managed Services

Need help with your managed services?

Compliance Engineers provides a wide range of solutions and services that increase operational efficiency and reduce liabilities and cost. Every solution is fully integrated into your environment and supported by our technical services team.
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Securing Networks

If you are unsure if your network is secure, allow Compliance Engineering to do an assessment of your environment.  We will help to show vulnerabilities and provide recommendation and assistance in building your network into a security fortress for business. This could be the next step taken to protect your customers and employees from malicious hackers.

Business Philosophy

Working with our customers to build the most secure environment.

One of the biggest benefits of working with us is that we will recommend production devices that add value into your business environment. With the development of procedures we will help you to identify where employees fit in the security hierarchy.

In addition to being able to help your business to achieve maximum security with your business environment, Compliance Engineering is established to you build your staffing and security awareness with staffing and managing the services that are our areas of expertise.

Compliance Engineering, Inc.
Our Address:
Compliance Engineering, Inc
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Atlanta, GA 30305,
Hours of Operation:
 Security (SOC): 24x7x365

Hawkeye Vision Monitoring

Hawkeye Vision is the first and only solution to provide real-time configuration and compliance management capabilities for today's constantly evolving networks. Compliance, IT and Security teams benefit from the power and sophistication of Hawkeye Vision. 

Easy to understand visualization and reporting capabilities ensure everyone involved not only has access to the information needed but the details needed to maintain security, retain evidence, and continuously monitor and protect your perimeter in today's fast paced business world. Learn More. . .

Is your data secured???

Do you need to protect your organization's data? Then Compliance Engineering is just what you are looking for. We do a security analysis of your company and we help you to implement the solutions. . Learn More...